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We're thrilled you want

to join!

Before you enroll just make sure you qualify and understand some of the critical points found elsewhere on our website:

1. State and federal law prohibits us from seeing patients with Medicare or Medicaid due to our business model. We wish that wasn't the case. 

2. Sana Vita Health membership isn't insurance or a health plan or a 24/7 urgent care clinic. It's a Direct Primary Care (DPC) clinic; you are subscribing to access to primary care, along with perks like discounts on goods and services that are not primary care, such as health coaching, osteopathic manipulation, bodywork, and professional supplements.

3. We don't accept insurance. You pay us directly via bank deposit, credit card, cash, FSA card, HSA card, or Bitcoin. 

4. We strongly advise that you retain health insurance or an alternative, like membership in a health sharing community, to cover unexpected expenses. High deductible plans often pair well with a DPC membership