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So simple it's revolutionary

It's a new concept but it's really simple. The Direct Primary Care ("DPC") business model is like a gym. You pay us a reasonable membership fee and, like a gym,  you come as often as you like. We're happy to provide care in person or remotely via text, email, or a phone call.

How to schedule a visit

Very soon, there will be a link on this website to enroll as a new patient. Then, either log in your phone app and choose an available slot, or contact your doctor or health coach directly. No co-pays, no deductibles, no surprises. It's all covered in your membership fee, except the ridiculously cheap labs, medications, and imaging.

How to get labs, medications, and imaging studies

We don't want to make medications, labs, and imaging a source of income, so it isn't. Our only source of income is our professional services as physicians and health coaches, which is covered by your membership fee. Anything not included in your membership fee will have up-front, transparent actual-cost-to-you pricing. Medications can be prescribed and most can be dispensed in the office (not narcotics or other controlled substances), so you can get medications directly from your doctor for a shockingly low price, without even having to go to the pharmacy. Blood will be drawn directly by your doctor and a courier will take it to a local lab, again for much less money than you'd think. Imaging is performed by a local radiology group and we'll charge you the actual wholesale cost (often paradoxically less than the co-pay with insurance).

Why don't you take insurance?  Can I still see you anyway?

We do not take insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid. For one thing, they operate in a "fee for service" model that puts the financial incentive on seeing as many patients as possible, as quickly as possible. That model doesn't fit with what's best for the health of anyone. In the Direct Primary Care model,  we're incentivized to help you stay as healthy as possible and keep you ecstatic with your experience with us. You'll hear more about why we don't take insurance in our blog, and we'll also help you find some alternatives to traditional insurance, such as health sharing communities, that will save you money and free you from restrictive networks. When you combine DPC with one of these alternatives, the result is lower costs, better care, and happier people. 

Unfortunately, we can't see anyone with Medicare at this time because Dr. Abendroth would need to first "opt out" of Medicare to be able to see Medicare patients in this model. Dr. Abendroth is currently the medical director for Humboldt County Memorial Hospital and will be working there until Sana Vita Health has enough patients that he no longer needs to work there, at which point he'll opt out of Medicare and Sana Vita Health will open its doors to everyone. Please contact us and let us know if you'd like to be a on a wait list for when this issue is resolved. In the mean time, call your congressional representatives and let them know you want to see a Direct Primary Care doctor but weren't happy to learn that Medicare rules won't let you. 

Watch this excellent 3 minute video overview of Direct Primary Care: