So simple it's revolutionary.

Sana Vita Health is currently operating under the Direct Primary Care ("DPC") business model. It's similar to how a gym membership works -- you pay a monthly membership fee to join the practice, and then you can come as often as you need to, with no visit fees, copays, or deductibles. We're happy to provide care in person or remotely via Zoom or phone call. While we don't take insurance, you'll find that our rate is lower than most deductibles. By getting insurance out of the picture, we are freed up to spend the time necessary for truly exceptional care. Many of our patients pair their Sana Vita Health membership with a high deductible, low premium insurance plan, so you can save your insurance for when you really need it -- which is what the whole concept of insurance of any kind is supposed to be about. We accept cash, check, credit card, ACH transfer, FSA and HSA payment options. Speak with your accountant about what would be best for you. 

No two DPC clinics are the same. At Sana Vita Health, we go beyond conventional medicine, with a personalized focus on prevention, diet, lifestyle, and functional medicine. Our aim is to help you prolong your health span, prevent and reverse chronic disease, and maximize your vitality to its fullest potential while providing a level of personalized care and service unmatched in the area. If you share those values and are looking for a doctor who takes the time to listen, discuss, and partner with you, you've come to the right place.