So simple it's revolutionary

It's a new concept but it's really simple. The Direct Primary Care ("DPC") business model is like a gym. You come as often as you like, with no visit fees, in exchange for being a member. We're happy to provide care in person or remotely via secure video chat, text, email, or a phone call. While we don't take insurance, you'll find that our rates are lower than most deductibles, making Sana Vita Health an economical choice as well, especially when paired with a high deductible plan that lowers your premium so you can save your insurance for when you really need it. We can also accept FSA and HSA payment options.

How to schedule a visit


To become a member, enroll online in minutes. Once you're a member, simply contact your doctor or health coach directly by text, phone, or email any time you need anything, whether it's an appointment, a question, or a medication refill. No visit fees, no co-pays, no deductibles, no surprises. Office hours are currently Monday through Wednesday 9am to 4pm and will expand as the clinic grows. Some issues may be able to be handled outside of that time frame if it's during the day, such as refills or even quick telemedicine visits such as UTI symptoms, poison ivy rash, etc, depending on availability. 

How to get labs, medications, and imaging studies, and referrals to specialists


We don't want to make medications, labs, and imaging a source of income, so it isn't. Our only source of income is our professional services. Anything not included in your membership fee will have up-front, transparent pricing.

Many many medications can be dispensed right in the office (except for controlled substances) at a cost lower than the pharmacy can offer you, saving you money and a trip to the pharmacy.  Blood can be collected by your doctor and a courier will take it to a local lab, again for much less money than you'd think. Imaging is performed locally through and we'll charge you the actual cost they charge us, or you can use your insurance. 

In many cases we can avoid a physical referral by making use of RubiconMD, a renowned eConsult service. But just because we don't take your insurance doesn't mean we can't refer you to a specialist who does. Like at any other doctor's office, we can refer you to whomever you'd like to see. We are also actively building our own network of specialist partners who will see you on a cash basis at discounted rates, if that's the route you'd prefer to go.

Watch this excellent 3 minute video overview of Direct Primary Care:

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