• Dr. Matthew Abendroth, DO

It's Official!

Sana Vita Health is opening May 11th in the Southern Hills neighborhood of Des Moines! We're still under construction but on target for our opening day.

Sana Vita Health is a membership-based Direct Primary Care and Lifestyle Medicine clinic. Featuring Dr. Matthew Abendroth, DO, DipABLM and wellness coach Melissa Abendroth, BFA, RN, NBC-HWC, we are excited to be the first family medicine Direct Primary Care clinic in central Iowa and the first board certified Lifestyle Medicine physician in central Iowa as well.

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Patient registration begins soon and our panel size will be limited to better care for our patients. Be on the lookout for more information about signing up as we near our grand opening!

Direct Primary Care is a physician and patient-led movement to retake the doctor-patient relationship and boot the insurance companies and other middlemen out. Learn more about DPC at

Lifestyle Medicine is a relatively new evidence-based medical subspecialty shown to prevent, treat, and even reverse many of the most common and serious diseases of lifestyle. By focusing on lifestyle change as the primary treatment modality, it treats the underlying cause of disease rather than relying primarily on often expensive, ineffective, and/or risky pharmaceuticals to hide the signs and symptoms of the underlying problem. Learn more about Lifestyle Medicine at


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