Primary Care

Direct Primary Care is a membership-based model where the relationship is directly between you and your doctor, with no insurance middle man. Say goodbye to visit fees, copays, deductibles, surprise bills, rushed visits, waiting in the lobby, and waiting in the exam room. Say hello to premium primary care.

Membership also grants you discounts on wellness coaching with Coach Melissa, osteopathic & soft tissue bodywork with Dr. Abendroth, and on a wide variety of medical-grade supplements and cosmetics through the members-only online portal. 



per month

With parent enrollment



per month


We are not accepting new patients at this time. If you are at all interested in being a patient at Sana Vita Health, please fill out this form to join the waitlist. There is no obligation.



Wellness Coaching

Initial 12 Sessions

DPC Members

$699 Non-members

Free educational consulatation

Interested but want to learn more before you commit?

Schedule a brief free informational session!


Four additional  coaching sessions

DPC Members

$199 Non-members

One additional  coaching session


DPC Members

$69 Non-members

Wellness Coaching

You have goals; a more ideal future version of yourself. But it's going to take work to make and sustain changes. Strong evidence shows that health coaches are an invaluable tool in helping people like you achieve their goals and reach lasting change.


Because nothing phenomenal is quick & easy, coaching takes time and effort to achieve results. For this reason, the minimum number of initial sessions is 12. To be sure you're ready and understand what you're signing up for, we encourage you to take us up on the offer of a free consultation with coach Melissa.