What is RubiconMD?


At Sana Vita Health, we can handle around 80-90% of healthcare needs, but sometimes things come up that we'd like a little assistance with or a second opinion on.


In the traditional system, you'd be referred to a local specialist, an appointment would be scheduled for sometime hopefully soon, and you'd subjected to specialist co-pays -- or, if you are paying cash, a bill for hundreds of dollars at every visit. Plus, that can complicate the questions of who is ordering the labs, who is prescribing and managing the medications for that issue, etc. We prefer to keep it all under one roof when possible to avoid medication errors, save you money, and simplify the process whenever possible. 

Many times, we can avoid a physical referral by having your doctor consult remotely with a specialist and get help with diagnosis, management, or both. Dermatologists can look at pictures of your skin and get the pertinent details from your doctor. Kidney specialists can review your case remotely, suggest other labs for us to order, and advise on further management or investigations. All of this is included your monthly membership at no extra cost to you.

The infographic below is from a study carried out by RubiconMD in conjunction well known DPC clinics around the country, many of whom we have personally met and who are an inspiration to Sana Vita Health. 

rubicon study image.png