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Modern Primary Care
We combine the best of today's technologies with the nearly extinct notion of the idyllic small town country doctor to make your healthcare experience as convenient, modern, and personalized as possible. 

Dr. Matthew Abendroth is dual board certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine and practices evidence based, lifestyle focused modern medicine. We are moving beyond the conventional disease-management medicine of the last century and into the next era of modern medicine that focuses on prevention and reversal of disease, improving health to the optimum, most resilient it can be, and always treating the root cause of any problems that may arise, not just covering up the symptoms. 

Extended time with your doctor

While many visits may be brief, sometimes you need more time with your doctor.  Your health is more than just a 7 minute visit.  Office visits are 15-60 minutes. Come experience what it's like to have the time to talk with your doctor and be heard.

Office visits without hidden fees

You and your physician determine when, how, and how often you interact. Same or next-day business-day visits are available for acute issues, in person or via technology. No more co-pays or meeting your deductible.  No more unforeseen bills.

Office Procedures at No Extra Cost

Membership includes office procedures like stitches, joint injections, skin biopsies, and more, all at no additional cost, saving often hundreds of dollars per procedure. 

Labs Drawn In-Office and Billed At-Cost

Your blood is drawn in the exam room, by your doctor, and sent to a testing facility that day. Some labs are done in office, like strep swabs and urinalysis. At a regular clinic, lab fees are often inflated to 10-20 times their actual cost, plus you are billed for having your blood drawn. At Sana Vita, the blood draw is free and we'll just round up the actual cost of the testing to the nearest dollar to help cover supplies. As an example, the cost of a CBC (complete blood count) at a large local clinic is around $100 (~$25 for the blood draw,  ~ $75 for the lab). It's around $5 from Sana Vita Health. Similar disparities exist for almost all labs. 

Medications at actual cost

Non-narcotics are dispensed in house at actual wholesale. While fewer medicines is the goal, some medications are needed in some people in some circumstances. For example, clopidogrel for people who had a heart attack or stent placed. The pharmacy price on that is about $100 per month. From Sana Vita Health, it's about $1 per month. While that's a dramatic example, most medications are about 90-95% cheaper when Sana Vita Health can provide them for you.

Greatly Discounted Imaging

We'll be contracting with a local radiology group for all imaging, from chest x-rays to pelvic ultrasounds to MRI's. We'll bill you the actual cost that they bill us. You won't believe how much cheaper it is this way -- often less than the copay for people using insurance! For example, a MRI of the lumber spine, run through your insurance, would typically be around $2,300. How much you actually pay would depend on your insurance particulars, but the same test ordered through Sana Vita Health would be about $230 -- that's significantly less than the copay would be for almost anyone. Most imaging has a similar 10x price disparity between cash pay and insurance cost.

Specialist consults through RubiconMD

Family Physicians can handle 85-90% of healthcare needs. Sometimes, we need the help of a specialist. RubiconMD is an eConsult service that allows your doctor to discuss the details of your case with an expert in the area you need, thus getting that specialist consultation without you having to physically go to a specialist or pay anything extra at all. Find out more about RubiconMD here.

Home and Worksite Visits

Feeling too miserable to come in?  Can't get away from the office? We'll come to you! 

(Subject to availability, extra fee typically applies)