The Annual visit

Calling it a  physical doesn't do it justice.

Calling it an "annual lifestyle inventory, health review & optimization, comprehensive physical exam with cutting edge skin cancer screening, and comprehensive laboratory analysis visit" is too long of a name.


So we call it "The Annual Visit"

what's included?

Before your appointment, you'll fill out an online questionnaire for me to review ahead of time


At least 10 days prior to your appointment you'll go to a Quest facility for your fasting labs. 


On the day of your Annual Visit, we'll discuss many aspects of your life as they relate to your health, doing a deep dive into your lifestyle, behavior patterns, and environmental circumstances.


We'll also review your lab results and discuss any further testing that may be warranted.

Then there will be an opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have. However, because you have unlimited year-round access to me, you don't need to save up your concerns for your annual visit -- we should be dealing with those as they arise. 


Next, a comprehensive physical exam, including AI-assisted skin cancer screening and digital mole mapping (most of which can be done by you at home with an iPhone and SkinIO app, if preferred) will be performed including any screening test that may need to be done such as Pap smears.

Finally, any referrals that may need to be placed will be discussed, including for health screenings such as mammogram and colonoscopy, as well for preventative services such as vaccination.

Image by Jacob Postuma





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